The Most Critical Skills Gap: Cybersecurity

The Most Critical Skills Gap: Cybersecurity
Data breaches are both costly and damaging to a company's reputation. But there aren't enough people to fill open cybersecurity positions.


Fast Company | Lydia Dishman

We are reaching a new critical shortage in the workforce. In addition to the health care sector’s impending lack of qualified nurses (and enough teachers to educate new ones) industry experts are sounding a similar alarm for cybersecurity experts.

Since the massive breach at Target in 2013, many other organizations have fallen prey to cybercriminals. The next year saw hacks into UPS, Goodwill, JP Morgan Chase, Sony, and others. Forrester Research predicted that 60% of brands would experience a breach of sensitive data in 2015. That estimate may have been conservative considering that last year, those organizations successfully targeted by cyberhackers included the FBI, Trump’s hotel chain, Experian, and Scottrade, among others. Read More.